How to Compress Video Files for YouTube, Facebook, whatsapp

It is very easy to Compress video files for web, YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp. There are many free compression softwares available. Here I am going to show you how I compress video files for different purpose. I don’t promise you that, you can reduce file size by 90% without loosing quality. Because it is not possible. When you want to get higher compression levels, you need to compromise with quality.
compress video files
There are two types of compression’s possible. Loss-less and Lossy. When you want
loss-less compression, you can not reduce file size less than 50%. When you want more compression level, you will get less quality.
Now a days every mobile comes with HD camera. Even if you take 5 minutes video, your video file size will be around 200MB or more. When you want to send this file through Facebook or whatsapp, it will not accept or it will take too much time and bandwidth. It is must to reduce video file size.
While compressing file size, you need to remember that, MP4 AVC H.264 codec is the widely use codec around web. If you compress video by using this codec, you can send them through almost all platforms. When you want to send through mobile, you need compress video with resolution like 480×320, 320×240,…
In this article, I am talking about format factory which is a open source software. By using this software you can convert any file format. You can also compress file size.
The best thing about format factory is, it has direct option for all devices and all qualities. You need not worry about technical specifications. It will give lot of options, you can try one by one and check quality and size. It is very fast. It took around 2 minutes to compress 323 MB file.

How to compress video files

Download format factory from and install. Open software from desktop icon. You will see too many options. Shows that in below screenshot. You can get loss-less or lossey compression by using these options.

compress video 

Loss-less compression – Bigger file size

When you want to compress video without much loss in quality. You need to follow below steps.
  • Open format factory application.
  • Select MP4. You will see another window where you can add video files.
compress video files
  1. Click Add file in right side. Browse your computer and select your video file from computer.
  2. Click Output Settings in top center.
  3. Select High quality and size from drop down. When you want to get good compression level, you can select any one of other options.
  4. Select AVC(H264) near Video Encode. You can also select 480p in Video size. Leave remaining options as it is.
Click Ok -> Ok -> Start. It will compress file.
When I select only AVC(H264), it reduced my file size from 323MB to 249 MB. When I select AVC(H264) and 480p, it reduced  my file size from 323 MB to 86.4 MB without much loss in video quality. This is the best option for compressing videos for web. If you want further compression, you can select Low quality and size option or any other options.

Lossy compression for mobile

When you want to compress video file to send through mobile, you need to Select Mobile device instead MP4or you can select 3GP. If you use 3GP format it will reduce file size extensively at the same time clarity will be very less. When I use 3GP format it reduced 323 MB file to 11.5 MB. But clarity is very less. Even though you can use this format.
Select Mobile device. You will see below window.
resize video
  • Select MP4 480×360 MPEG4. It is ideal for all mobiles. When you want lesser size, you can select MP4 320×240 MPEG4.
  • Click Ok.
  • Click Add file. And do same procedure to convert file.
I suggest you to try remaining options until you get acceptable quality and size.
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